Yoga has been a part of my life for over eight years and my practice has helped me grow in many ways, mentally, physically and the way I live life. Now I want to help you deepen your inner practice and share my expertise of running a successful yoga studio and an online business.

Mireia Gomez
My bio

Let me tell you about me before Yoga. My main studies were on accountancy. I used to work in a bank and some other companies doing all the accountant stuff. While working as an accountant for a company at the shipyard in Barcelona and being surrounded by yachts and young people travelling and working on them, I realized how boring my life was, I wasn’t really enjoying my job as I thought. It took me a month to get a license to work at sea and some courses, so I quit my job and decided to join a Private Yacht to work and travel the world at the same time, sounds crazy right? Well, I got a job in a yacht four days after and left the country some weeks later.

I ended up spending four years traveling and working around the world. Those years sailing, living in different countries and working as a stewardess made me grow as a person, learning new things every single day, meeting new people and new challenges.

During that time onboard but at the same time in different cities, is when I discovered Yoga. The main sport I used to practice was CrossFit, I love functional movement and strength training. Someone recommended me Yoga to combine it with and stretch, so basically, I started Yoga as a physical practice to feel less stiff and be more flexible as it wasn’t my thing!

And guess what? I got hooked up with Yoga, every class was a challenge for me, every mantra and mindful words that the teacher was saying in class got me interested to learn beyond the physical practice.

Every four months working on board, I would have two months of holidays. I used to travel at that time, so I did go to India and get my first teacher training. I completed my 500 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa training in India. After my Yoga studies, I had many things going through my head, something changed in me, I was awakening something in me, and I decided that my time traveling on a Yacht was over, it was time for me to move on and go back to my lovely Barcelona.

I continued later on my studies in Barcelona with Rocket Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Mindfulness, 9 month Meditation Teacher Training and other courses related to body and mind work. I also started sharing my Yoga practices and teaching at some Hotels and Gyms, and of course, giving some classes to my friends for free to put my teaching practice on! But very early I realized how many crazy amount of classes you need to teach to live fully from Yoga, so I decided that I was going to open my own place and share all my wisdom and knowledge the way I wanted. One year after, April 2017, I opened my own yoga studio in Barcelona called YOGA CONNECTIONS.

Yoga Connections has been my dream project come true, 4 years of happiness sharing something I felt from my heart.

I won’t say that everything has been easy, it has been a roller coaster of emotions, starting your own business isn’t easy if you don’t know how to start, I wish that at that moment I could have had someone to guide me so I could have grown faster and not lose as much money as I did on my first year, but even so I managed to get my shala moving forward.

As of today, the Yoga Connections studio has closed its doors to continue online. COVID-19 was the droplet that filled the glass. Despite having been 4 magnificent years sharing all my heart it was also hard, I put all my energy and dedication to give my best, and that prevented me from enjoying a lot of time for myself.

At the end of 2020, I felt in a meditation like something was stopping me from moving forward in life, and that was my Yoga studio.

I was at a time where I was doing a lot of inner work but the yoga studio took away all that time that I needed for myself, to grow, expand, move, and travel, which is something that has always been within me.

So on December 31, 2020, after many days of trying to find the courage to close this stage of my life, I closed the doors of my studio, leaving behind a wonderful stage of my life and leaving room for something new to flourish.

Letting go is the biggest challenge but the most liberating thing I have done.

Yoga Connections Mireia Gomez
What I do now

And this is why I am here right now, sharing this page with you to help the Yoga teachers, to make their lives easier, to help you build your Yoga business, to help you scale it if you already have it, to help you connect to your business in a soulful and meaningful way, or maybe even to help you through your Yoga journey as a student, teacher, or owner giving you all my knowledge and wisdom.

I am now moving forward with my Yoga Shala Online for the Spanish community that I had at my studio in Barcelona and for everyone else who would like to keep practicing with me. 

I will always be a student of the practice. I am continually learning from my students and always looking forward to expanding my knowledge more and more. I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, some mindful words and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I also love to add strength programs to improve your Yoga practice and protect your body from injuries.

I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with Yoga, meditation and movement, and my hope is that you step off your comfort zone, find your path through Yoga and enjoy the simple fact of being alive.


Handstands, slow flows, conscious movement, strength training, anatomy, CRAZY about essential oils, natural healing, sweet potatoes, a good coffee first thing in the morning, music, warm places, green mountains, beach, ocean smell, SUNSETS and sunrises, humbleness, honesty, hugs, love, universe signs, sharing, and the simple act of breathing and being ALIVE.


Get in touch if you have any questions or simply want to say hi. Send me an email or visit me on Facebook or Instagram, I would love to connect with you.